Facilities in PFI


We select some of the finest free-range, spices and other fruits and vegetables. This ensures that there is no chemical contamination of the raw material. 

Processing and Production

Raw material is stored is optimum conditions. It is constructed with impervious material so as to facilitate easy and thorough cleaning.

Handled carefully, the meat is moved to the chillers and refrigeration section for storage before shipping out to the retail outlets. 

Perfect Group’s state-of-the-art, fully automated processing plant Foreign technicians and ex-perts were involved in setting up of the plant and in the training of the staff. The plant has been developed keeping in view the international standards of food safety and hygiene. The entire construction and design has been made to prevent contamination. All floors, walls, coverings, doors, windows, ceilings /overhead fixture and stairs, in the production area, are constructed of material that is durable easy to clean and suitable for the arduous nature of the product. 


The spices are packaged in different sized packages (by weight) as per customer requirements and specifications, put in boxes with expiry date tags attached and then delivered to the client. All pro-cessed material is packed by automatic packaging machines and verified by production and quality staff. 

Testing & Compliance 

Appropriate proactive measures are taken to prevent contamination of spices. The plant comprises of a laboratory where our microbiologists perform and evaluate tests for potential microbiological and bacterial growth that may harm the meat. All SOPs related to food safety, hygiene and meat quality are implemented at the fullest. This is our deepest concern as a food manufacturer.

Distribution & Shipment

The ready access saves time, which helps retain the optimum quality of product. The company has a fleet of specially designed trucks to move the ready products to local consumer or to the ports for export. The truck are cleaned prior to each shipment to avoid any bacterial growth or cross contamination.